Growing Garlic in Autumn

Planting Your Garlic in Autumn for Harvest Next Summer

For those that are into their garlic dishes - we certainly are - autumn is the time to get your garlic growing ready for harvest next summer. Believe it or not, garlic is actually very...
Blackberry jame recipe

Beautiful Blackberry Jam

How to make beautiful blackberry jam! This is a real treat. Now we are in the month of September, these berries are everywhere! Literally everywhere! And that is what I absolutely love about them. Even on a...
Carved leg of lamb from the BBQ

Perfect Leg Of Lamb On The BBQ

There's nothing better than cooking a leg of lamb on the BBQ. Albeit a simple process, there is a certain amount of detail to consider. It's not your traditional BBQ. Here in Britiain, we often...

Get Ready to BBQ!

BBQ season is officially upon us. Here are a few things to consider this season to ensure that you have all you need to BBQ. So us British are somewhat fanatical are really quite mad...
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