Great baking ideas to do with the kids at Easter

Easter Baking day nest

If you are into baking, Easter really is a great time to show off some culinary skills and get the children involved in some marvellous creations! After all, the shops are full of chocolate goodies and they will also help to make some amazing cakes. 

Easter is also a great time to get together as a family and if you are hosting or visiting other family members, taking along a creation that you and the little one have created, really is quite special. You may also want to host something yourself at home, in which case, it will be a nice addition to offer. 

Many of our favourites are based on what we would call quite simple baking. One of my favourites, and I can still remember it today is chocolate corn flakes or krispies! This is almost certainly something that is going to be created in our house over the Easter period – and not because my son wants them either (although he will). “Pop Pops” as he calls them, will never be the same again!

We’ve also thrown in some other great baking ideas that we love. Some are relatively simple to make and others a bit more complex. But we are certain that there is something here for everybody! 

We hope you enjoy our roundup post of Easter baking! 


Pastel Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Let’s be honest, these look absolutely delicious! It is the perfect recipe if you want to combine both the sweet and savoury snack. 

From: Mom Foodie

Chocolate Rice Krispie Easter Nests

There is not much that can top a good old fashioned Krispie Easter Nest. To me, this really is what baking was about as a child. I can remember making this with Krispies and cornflakes (I don’t think we ever added the mini eggs though). Even without the mini eggs to create the nest, this is always a baking hit with any child! 

Easy Easter Fudge

If you are a Mum, like the author of this recipe, you are certainly going to be looking something easy to be baking this Easter. Well, here it is! With a traditional mini egg topping and made from delicious chocolate, this is going to be something to please anyone with a sweet tooth! 

Easy Easter Cupcakes With Cadbury Eggs

If you are looking for something really easy to make this Easter, this is the one to look at. Using a ready made cake mix, this will save you a lot of time in the kitchen and still deliver a great tasting cake. It also means, that if you were looking at making something with the little ones, having a ready made mix means that you can bake the cakes and they can help with the toppings! Perfect!

From: DIY Candy

M&M Loaded Easter Cookies

Similar to the biscuits above, we couldn’t resist this one in our roundup either. Sometimes, simplicity is just the best. In fact, my son was looking over my shoulder when putting this one together and this is the one that caught his eye! Perhaps it was the smarties – he loves smarties! 

From: DIY Candy

Stained Glass Cross Cookies

I don’t know about you, but I really love the look of this cookies. When we think about Easter, it’s not just about the Easter Bunnies and the chocolate eggs. We should also pay thought to the meaning of what Easter really is. This really is a great way of doing it. Thanks to Down Redbud Drive for sharing this. 

From: Down Redbud Drive

Easter Chick Cupcakes

One word, cute! Love this. Ok, so there is a fair bit of work that needs to go into to these cupcakes – i’m talking about the chick. However, let’s be honest. It is most definitely worth it. A great baking idea from The Simple Sweet Life

From: The Simple Sweet Life

Chocolate East Bunny Cupcakes

So my son instantly loved these and pointed out that they are chocolate. I think he is certainly developing a sweet tooth. Like the chick cup cakes, these ones really play on the Easter feel. 

From: Delicious Table

Easter Bunny Biscuits

In a way, these lovely biscuits couldn’t be more traditional if they tried. If you are looking for something to do with the children, this one really will tick the boxes. And despite how simple the recipe for these are, the children are going to love them. 

From: This Mama Cooks

Creme Egg Brownies

Saving this one to last as this really is an all out chocolate feast. I mean, who doesn’t love creme eggs…and…who doesn’t love brownies? Mix the two together and yes you are almost in heaven! This really will be a crowd pleaser! 

From: Recipiesfromapantry

Happy baking!!! And more importantly, Happy Easter!