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If you are looking for gifts for a gardener, then our guide will certainly come in use. Gardeners are a group of people that can often be hard to buy gifts for. After all, a keen gardener will have many of the tools that they need for in and around the garden. Tools are also something that is often left for a gardener to purchase as they often have a certain preference on their tools or they come as part of a set.

However, there are some alternative gifts for a gardener that you may not have thought of that give a truly personal touch. All the gifts that we have listed in this article are made or sold by small independents who take the upmost pride in the products that they sell. We hope you find something that you like.

1Personalised Wooden Seed Box with Dividers

Seed Box Gift

Many gardeners will either have a seed box or need a seed box in their life. This lovely hand made seed box really is something special, and a gift that gardeners can cherish for many years to come. It is of a solid design and has a hinged lid. Inside, you will find wooden dividers so that the seeds can be split between veg, herbs and flowers – something that all gardeners will understand the importance of.

The outside of the box can also be personalised with a message giving a truly personal touch for the recipient.

This seed box would make a great Birthday or Christmas gift and would be loved for many growing seasons to come.

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2Personalised Watering Can & Trowel Print

Personalised Watering Can Print

If you know a gardener that has everything, you can be pretty certain that they won’t have a picture like this. This gift is suitable for pretty much anyone with a love of gardening and can be placed in many places, even the potting shed.

Each print can be personalised with a name of your choice, just like the Grandad example above. It is also available as a digital download and also by print in either A5 or A4. The seller also offers the print products and framed or unframed. 

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3Personalised Gardening Box

Personalised Gardening Box

Gardeners often find themselves pottering around the garden with many jobs to do. I know from experience! And more often than not, each job requires slightly different hand tools than the previous one, this is especially the case when out in the garden in spring or your vegetable garden is just starting to grow. Welcome this wonderful personalised gardening box. 

This gift will be cherished by any gardener and what’s more, will get plenty of use! Each product is hand made by a family business and quality is guaranteed.

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4Personalised Wooden Pot Planter

Wooden Pot Planter

Gardening is not only restricted to the outdoors, and in the winter months, indoor plants will often take the focus. These are lovely indoor planters that are available in two different sizes and three different designs. 

To make this gift extra special, there is an aluminium strip that goes across the front that can be personalised with a message to the recipient. Each box is handmade and each one will have it’s own characteristics.

These pots are designed for indoor use only and not for direct planting.

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5Gardeners A to Z Gift Mug

Gardeners A to Z Mug

It is no secret that having a good cup of tea in the garden is certainly a pastime that all gardeners enjoy. What’s better than having a mug with all your favourite gardening equipment on to drink out of?

The mug shows a range of gardening activities that every gardener can relate to. All mugs are made individually using the hand drawn images from the artist.

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6‘What is a Gardener?’ Poem Print

Gardeners Print Poem

If you would rather get a gardening gift that isn’t to do with gardening but more a reflection on the work that they enjoy, this wonderful poem will put a smile on anyone’s face. The poem is written by Joanna Miller and reflects many of the tasks and emotions of being in the garden.

This wonderful poem is available in either an A3 or A4 print with the option of the wooden frame as an extra. You can also choose where you want to personalise the poem with free text at the bottom of the print.

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7Engraved Leather Gardeners Notebook

Gardeners Note Book

If you are building a garden or already have a garden, then there are going to be lot of reasons why you are going to want to keep some notes. They could be notes taken whilst watching the latest episode of gardeners world or simply notes on the types of bulbs or seeds that you have planted in the garden. Quite often gardening has an element of trial and error and the best way to remember is to write it down.

Of course, the book can also be bought for an avid gardener to use in other areas of their lives. It will certainly make the peers in the workplace jealous. These lovely books can be personalised with a name on the front with the phrase ‘ Notes from a gardening genius’. All booked are hardbound.

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8Gardening Coasters

Coasters For a Gardener

At some point, every gardener will be seen with a lovely cup of tea in the garden. Now, whilst you can put a cup of tea anywhere in the garden, you might want to jazz up a coffee table with these vibrant coasters. They would also be great coasters for those gardeners that work in an office 9-5 and want a reminder of the great outdoors.

The coasters are available to buy individually, as a set of 4 or 6.

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9I would rather be gardening. A mug for gardeners.

Rather Be Gardening Mug

If you are looking for a mug to suit an office worker that dreams of being outdoors all day, look no further. It certainly will let anyone know just where they would rather be.

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10Walnut Personalised Plant Markers

Garden Markers

If you know of a gardener, then you will know for certain that they are extremely proud of their plants. Having a thriving herb garden is a wonderful joy and certainly if your gardener is a bit of a chef.

These are wonderful plant markers that have been made from Walnut wood. They are all hand crafted and ordered individually with a personalised name. These are perfect for a herb collection both in the house or in the garden. Available in quantities of 1 and more.

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11Copper Vegetable / Herb Markers

Copper Garden Markers

For some gardeners, ensuring the all vegetables and herbs are marked up, is extremely important. What’s more, ensuring that they last season upon season is a must. These copper markers, are both elegant and will stand the test of time in all types of weather.

The markers are available to be written with almost any name with customisation on anything from 1 to 16 characters. Also, depending on their use, there are three different heights available to choose from; 6, 8 or 10 inches.

Please note that these items ship from the United States

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12Recycled Seed Trays

Recycled Seed Tray

Every gardener knows the importance of reducing the use of plastic. In some areas of the garden, this can be quite difficult. However, it shouldn’t be difficult in the potting shed or when sowing seeds prior to putting out into the garden.

These seed crates are made from reclaimed wood, with each one being different and having its own characteristics. Being a standard size, the trays will stack on top of one another and also fit the reusable plastic ones inside. The seller is also open to creating larger crates for the purposes of storing bulbs over the winder period.

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