So the temperature has gone over 20C and they are set to last for weeks! PANIC! Time to get a fan I hear you say to keep cool this summer.

Yes, yes. We’re mad! We spend most of the winter complaining that it is too cold and then come May, the temperature rises to 20C, all of a sudden it is too hot! According to many of the studies that are out today, this is most likely one of the many wonderful byproducts of global warming and we won’t see it easing up any time soon. Rather than waiting until late July to get hold of your ever important fan, you’re better off getting one now and saving yourself a couple of hours of hunting around trying to find one. More to the point, your are more likely to get the one you want early in the season than mid way through it.

There are many fans out there on the market now. Albeit they only push the air around the room, they do serve their purpose and there is a good variety to choose from.

1Bladeless Fans

These ones just had to go first! In terms of their appearance nothing really beats them. In terms of cost, you could probably get yourself a small air conditioning unit for the same money. However, these fans are a lot more than just standard fans, they are Dyson Fans! And, because there are no blades, they are a lot easier to clean than normal fans and more importantly safe for use around children – no moving parts (apart from inside of course!)

Dyson Pure Cool Fan and Purifier

Whilst this is an expensive way to cool your room down, this piece of kit also removes 99.97% of harmful ultra fine particles as small as 0.3 microns. What’smore, for the more tech savvy among us, you can also link this in with the Dyson Link App so that you can see, live, what quality of air is currently in the room. Like other Dyson fans, this unit uses air multiplier technology so that the air circulated around the whole room. Whilst this item does come with ¬†what would seem a rather large price tag, it is aesthetically pleasing and brings more benefits than a normal conventional fan. This really is the cream of the crop when it comes to the fan world!


Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Unlike the unit above, this unit is just the cooling fan. It still boasts many of the same features as the other unit and is based on the air multiplier technology that you see across the range. Unlike other tower fans, the dyson range is extremely quiet but is often better in terms of performance. This unit also comes with a remote control and a sleep timer if you want to control it without leaving the comfort of your bed. There are also 10 air speed settings to choose from, making it suitable for rooms of most sizes or whether you just want a little air circulating around to take the edge off the summer heat.

Dyson HP02 Pure

Now, with most fans, you use them during the summer and then have to store them away during the winter (who would want a fan on display when it’s freezing outside?). Not with this one as it also doubles up as a heater. We all have rooms in the house that could do with a little extra warmth at times, this can do just that. It also uses the same technology as the other pure unit to remove particles from the air – this way you can benefit from clean air all year round. You can also control all of the functions through the dyson link app. Meaning, you can turn on your Dyson fan heater whilst on the drive home and walk into a toasty house – for those without a smartphone, a remote control is also supplied. For those that wish to leave it on throughout the night, you can also put this unit into night mode so that is operates quietly and dims the LED display. This would have to be a personal favourite as it combines all the best features of what Dyson has to offer and can be used all year round to get the most out of your dyson unit.


2Evaporator Fans


First up, if you don’t want to go the full hog and get an air conditioning unit, the next in line is the evaporating unit. This will save you both on initial outlay and also the running costs. Most of these units use around 100 Watts compared to 1000 Watts plus for an air conditioning unit. Also the initial outlay is cheaper than an air conditioning unit as it basically runs off cold water without the need to expensive compressor technology.

Benross evaporator fan

Whilst it is not air conditioning, these fo serve their purpose. This unit is able to hold 7Litres of water with a usage rate of .45L an hour – so enough to last a very good nights sleep. They are capable to lowering the rooms temperature but are most noticeable in dry heat as they put moisture back into the air. With a low power consumption of only 60W, it also makes this unit affordable in terms of running costs. It has 3 speed settings, a timer, the option of using as a fan (no cooling) and swing to push the air around the room. The unit also comes with 4 ice packs which will help cool the water the you put inside of it, making the air output that bit cooler.

Igenix IG9703 Air Cooler

Another great eveoprator that only consumes 55W of power. A slightly smaller tank on this model only holding 6L, which overall make the size of the unit a little smaller than the Benross. However, there are two options of purchase with this one, with and without heating – making it useable all year around. This unit also comes with two ice packs that you can put in the freezer to bring water temperature in the tank down even further. For those really wanting some cold air, you could put the water in the fridge to get that really icy feeling. This unit also has three fan speed settings.


3Tower Fans

Tower fans are great if you need to save on space. Also, as us Brits only tend to use them for the couple of months that we see higher temperatures, they are easier to store as they take up less floor space (you just need somewhere tall enough like an under stair cupboard). These fans, on the whole, are very energy efficient using only about 40W of power to keep us cool.

ANSIO Black Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

This fan stands 77CM high on its base and has a 60 degree oscillation. This fan also comes with a remote control for ease and convenience (batteries not included). In terms of usage, you have 3 speed setting to choose from and a timer that goes up to 7.5 hours – enough to get you through the night – this can be set in 0.5 hour increments. Unlike some other fans, this unit also comes with 2M of power cable which should help save on the need of using extension cables to nestle your fan into the corner.


Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control and Gliding Grill Function – Black

This fan belongs more to the premium range of tower fans from the Honeywell range. This unit comes with a remote control, 3 different speed settings as well as a natural setting that will simulate a natural breeze throughout the home. This also boasts a slightly large oscillating area of 110 degrees. However, the timer on it can only be set for 4 hours. The HO 5500RE also only has a power rating of 40W, so affordable to use for long periods of time

4Desk Fans

These fans do exactly what they say on the tin! They are more compact than some of the other fans listed above and are normally suited to working on the top of a unit; normally a desk! Whilst not always that powerful, they do serve their purpose. There is at least one contender in the market that will really blow things away!

Prem-I-Air 16” Home Office Work Desk Oscillating Cooling Fan 3 Speed Settings (White)

This is probably as basic as fans get around the home and in the office. A standard 16″ fans that operates over three speeds that can be oscillating or fixed in position. These fans are best suited on a cabinet or desk and will provide a good movement of air around the room for a very low price.

Portable USB Powered Desk Mini Fan

A slightly different fan to the rest of them. This small fan is actually powered by the USB port of the computer which means that it is rather small. However, these small desk fans should not be under estimated. Personally, I would not be without my USB fan through both the summer and the winter. These handy little fans are a great addition to the desk and provide a much needed breeze when the temperature is slightly above what you would deem comfortable. A purchase that you will not regret and really quite affordable.

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan, 12 Inch – White/Silver

Ok, yes I know that this probably should have been covered off under the bladeless fans but I could not resist giving these just one more mention. Like the fans at the top of the post, this is another one of the Dyson family but made for the desk. Like the other units, this also benefits from Dyson’s bladeless technology and also has an oscillating setting if you wanted to use it in a larger room. This probably is one of the most expensive desk fans that you can buy but if you want to benefit from a great design and great functionality, this may well be the fan for you.

Whatever fan you chose to keep cool this summer, where you can, choose one that will satisfy more than one need. With fans that are now capable of purifying air or even doubling up as a heater in the winter, it might just be worth investing in something you can use all year round.

If you have any other fans to recommend, we would love to hear from you.