Easter Table

So spring is finally here and what a wonderful feeling it is. One of the next big family events following Christmas is going to be the Easter holidays. A wonderful time to spend as a family!

However, for those that are going to be hosting a family event this Easter, there is one element that you are going to want to make sure is perfect – the dining table.

Having a truly Easter dining table is almost as important at the Christmas one. It is certainly something, that in our house, we truly love.

Chicken Design by Sophie Allport

Although, we have found that truly magnificent Easter tableware, it can be somewhat difficult to find. And more importantly, Easter tableware that you can use again and again, rather than the ones that you can put in the bin after you have used them.

One of our favourites, has to be the range from Sophie Allport! For those that don’t know about Sophie Allport, you are truly missing out.

Sophie Allport founded her homeware business in 2007 and it really plays on the quintessential designs of British culture. And what we are more impressed with is the quality of this brand – it is just magnificent. If you are looking to decorate a country kitchen or dining room, this is where you should be looking.

The two designs that strike us as perfect for the Easter dining table have to be the Chicken and the Hare designs as they both depict a lovely spring feeling with neutral colours. And what’s more, they don’t just have to be used at Easter, they can also be used for dinner parties and more formal dining occasions. 

Sophie Allport Easter Chicken Tableware

Sophie Allport Chicken Table Runner
Sophie Allport Chicken Table Runner

Available direct from Sophie Allport

Fitting in with the Easter theme, this table runner is a real gem. The table runner itself is 35x280cm and will fit almost any dining table. It has an iconic design on a sage grey background and contains images of chickens and eggs. It’s made from 100% cotton and can be washed in the machine in the event that something is accidentally spilt on it.


There are also a range of other accessories available in the same colour scheme.

Napkins by Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Chicken Napkins

These napkins are a great accessory to compliment the table runner if you are looking for a truly Easter dining table. These timeless napkins come in set of 4 and are machine washable so can be used for many Easters to come. Measuring 41cm x 41cm.

Available direct from Sophie Allport

Placemats by Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Chicken Placemats

Another gorgeous addition to the Easter table are these chicken themed tableware are these chicken placemats.

They are corked backed and easy to clean.

Available direct from Sophie Allport

As well as these wonderful table wear items, there are also many other products available in the same range such as a tea cosy, oven gloves, aprons, butter dishes, tea towels and many more

Sophie Allport – Hare Design

Hare Design by Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Hare Table Runner

With the same quality as the chicken design above, this is the lovely hare design from Sophie Allport.

Available direct from Sophie Allport

Tea cosy by Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Hare Tea Cosy

This is a truly quintessential piece that will look good on any country dining table.

Fully washable for continuous use.

Available direct from Sophie Allport

Hare placemats by Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Hare Placemats

Wonderfully designed hare placemats that will look great on any dining table.

Available direct from Sophie Allport



Alongside these wonderful tableware items, Sophie Allport also create a whole range of other products. You can view them all at SophieAllport.com