The Best Sticker Books Out There!

There are so many sticker books out there in the market place, it can be difficult to choose one. Whether it be one for your own little one or as a gift, we hope you find this information useful.

If you are looking for a way to help with a child’s imagination, sticker books, albeit simple, can be great fun for young children.

Some of the widely known brands such as the Usbourne Sticker Books, cover a wide range of topics that children love and can also help towards developing a child’s speech as you race through the back of the book looking for the pictures that go with the scene. It also helps children understand the purpose of different tasks. One example that we certainly noted was on the farm book, he was soon able to understand all of the different tools and machinery that went on a farm. Of course, not always perfect as he still calls a tractor trailer a trolley! Cute though! Sticker books also make great rainy day distractions and you really can make up your own story with them as they are such blank canvas to stick to. They also make great kids birthday presents as they fall within the ‘birthday present’ budget – handy when you have to attend a lot of kids parties in short succession!

Here are some of our favourite sticker books that we have bought. Hope you like them too.

1Building Site

The building site book has to be one of my favourites. Some of the first learned words were naturally those objects that were big and noisy with them being called out as you went along the road. This book comes with 130 stickers that can be found in the back of the book and then placed onto the scenes within. There are many different scenes from building houses, roads and of course demolition (where things go crash and bang!!)

This book is available from Amazon

2Under The Sea

Learning about the creatures in the sea is, in my eyes, very important. There are so many different creatures and with aquariums dotted all of the country, if you can get some early understanding of what you might see, it makes it all the more magical when you go to see the fish for real. This book comes with 150 stickers to stick on many different scenes. You can also have quite a bit of fun making the noises that go with the animals.

This book is available from Amazon


An all time favourite in our house! The Farm! Tractor has to have been one of the first words he learnt (probably helped by the fact that they are BIG and NOISY. It is also a great book as you can place the animals in their pens and fields – making the animal noises can be quite fun too! Again, as with other Usbourne books, this one comes with 150 stickers and a range of different scenes to stick them to.

This book is available from Amazon


Like the farm book, this one is also great fun as it contains many different animals and not just the ones you would see in a farm – more like the zoo! It’s not quite a big as the other books (presumably as there are only a set amount of animals). For those parents who are more adventurous in making the noises, this can prove quite fun. A great birthday gift too!

This book is available from Amazon


Counting is very important for our little ones and what better way to learn this than with stickers. With many a scene and object to count, this book offers hours of fun for little ones to start learn the all important art of counting.


This book is available from Amazon


The sticker book that keeps on giving!

6Melissa & Doug – Reusable Sticker Pad

I thought I would add this one in as a wildcard because we had one bought as a gift. Up to the point of receiving this, once a sticker has been ripped/placed on a page, it is very difficult to move it onto another scene and create the story elsewhere. However, this one is different. The pages in the book are glossy and the stickers are of almost a plastic texture, making it so that they can be placed and taken off the page multiple times. This book is a real game changer and we have enjoyed many many hours of sticking. Melissa & Doug offer a variety of these books to choose from. As a present to ourselves, I would not hesitate getting this as a present for others. Available here