Ok, so we know that outdoor water toys for kids is not something that us parents are going to be looking for all year round. In fact, we probably only look for such things a couple of times a year when either the weather is scorching or we know that it is about to become scorching. However, there’s only a limited supply of water toys to go round (when every one is buying them of course).

What water toys should I choose?

Actually, when you start to look around at all the different water toys available, it can be difficult to choose. There are so any factors to consider such as;

  • The age that the toys are suitable for
  • Do they need to be attached to a hose?
  • How much room do they take up if they are inflatable

All valid questions. And all should be considered as you will want the toy to be used for many years to come and many hot summers to come.

In order to help you choose the right water toy for your children, we’ve listed some of the best water toys that we know about so that you can make an informed decision on which one to get for your garden.

Also, to make it easier, we have listed the toys out by age with the manufacturer recommended age. This way you can be sure you are looking at the right toys for your children.

Water Toys for Toddlers – 12 to 36 Months

Choosing outdoor toys for young children can sometimes be difficult. Especially when water is involved. One thing is for certain, and that is safety, more so when your children are playing with water. It certainly goes without saying that you should never leave them unattended even for a brief moment.

There are actually some great toys for younger children and ones that really help build upon many important skills that they are developing at this age. Of course, there are the fun ones too!

Here our favourite picks of outdoor water toys for children suitable for children 12 to 36 months.

Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

Suitable for: 24 Months to 5 Years

This fun water table is packed with features and ways for children to play. They will be able to build their own pipe structures which will help develop fine motor skills and imagination. Standing only 75cm high, it is just the right height for children to be able to reach all of the components. Children start by filling the water pump at the top and then watching the water flow through the pipe construction that they have just made. Perfect for a hot summers day playing in the garden.

Sand and Water Mill Play Set

Suitable for: 18 Months plus

If you already have a sandpit in the garden, then your children are going to love this sand and water mill set. Compromising of a mill that they can fill from the top as well as some great tools for digging, this is set to keep them entertained for hours in the garden.

Toy Fishing Game

Suitable for: 24 Months plus

This is a small toy that includes 26 marine animals, a small pond (44 x 58cm), 2 fishing rods and 2 nets. Each of the marine animals are magnetic which enables children use the rod to catch them. This is great for fine motor skills and also to learn about animals that live in the water. You can also use this game in a small paddling pool or in the bath tub.

A great inexpensive toy that can be used both inside and out.

VATOS Marine Splash Play Mat

Suitable for: 18 Months plus

Spanning 150cm across, this water mat is perfect for those hot summer days. With no pumping required. Just simply plug the hose into it, let the side fill up and then water will squirt into the middle, keeping your children nice and cool.

Intex Dinosaur Play Centre

Suitable for: 24 Months plus

If you are looking for something a little more extravagant for the young children, this play centre will certainly keep them entertained for hours. The inflated size is 249x191x109cm which makes it a good size for any garden. As well as having a splash pit, it also has a palm tree that sprays water when the hose is connected. Six balls are also included to feed the hungry dinosaur. This play centre is good value for money compared to some other products out there. Ensure that the play centre is placed on ground that is free from stones or sharp objects to prevent punctures. You may also find it helpful to have an electric pump as it as many valves that will need to be inflated.

150cm Sprinkle and Splash Water Play Mat

Suitable for: 18 Months plus

Another great shallow splash pool that has vivid colours and marine fish in the base. Made from high quality PVC with no pumping necessary. Just simply connect your hose into the base and watch the spray come out of the side ring. A great value kids water toy that can be used to keep them cool on those really hot summer days.

Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

Suitable for: 24 Months plus

A very effective way of adding water play into the garden. Simply put the flower into the grass and attach the hose. As the stem of the daisy is made with a flexible material, it will dance randomly where it is sitting. Try adjusting the water pressure to see how the daisy dances. If you are not wanting to spend a fortune on water toys, this fits the bill.

Water Toys for 3 Years Plus

There is a good mixture of toys available for children of three years up. Because they are further developed, the toys are slightly larger and a little more interactive. Here’s a good selection of kids water toys that will provide your children with some great garden water fun!

Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Water Blaster Backpack

Suitable for: 3 Years plus

Let’s face it, as children we all enjoyed playing with water pistols. With a 1L tank and a pump on the handle, this will fire up to 30ft when fully pumped up. The backpack has adjustable straps so it will fit children of different sizes.

INTEX Jungle Adventure Play Centre

Suitable for 36 Months plus

Another great value product from INTEX for the summer garden. This is a large water playground which measures 257x216x84cm, making it suitable for more than one child to play in. It has two splash pools, a small one (57 litres) behind the side and a larger one (493 litres) at the bottom of the padded slide. There’s also entertainment around the side and in the splash pools for the children. Due to the size of this, you will need an electric pump to inflate it. Before purchasing this product, ensure that the ground you intend to put it on is free of stones or sharp object that could puncture the inflatable. Also comes with a repair patch if something unfortunate happens.

BaseToy Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler Ball

Suitable for: 36 Months plus

This is a dual purpose inflatable ball. It can be used at the beach or in the garden as a standard inflatable or attached the hose to create some spray fun! It has a water weighted base to give the ball some stability when standing and spraying out of the three sprayers located around the ball. There is no doubt that this is going to get you soaked. Extremely good value fun! Ensure that the product is fully dry before storing it.

BeBoP Total Wipeout Bouncy Castle and Inflatable Water Slide Combo

Suitable for: 3 Years plus

Designed in the UK this is one of the biggest domestic inflatables that you can buy. It come with its own 680w blower to keep inflated and is 3m long and 2.5m wide. In terms of entertainment it has a twin lane water slide, a water cannon that will need connecting to the hose, canopy water spray to keep you cool, a climb wall at the back of the slide and a bounce area. You will require a fair amount of space to house this item. Certainly not on the cheaper side of garden toys, this is an investment that will last for many summers and provide endless entertainment for your own children and visiting friends. It will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

TP Activity Toys 10M Aqua Slide

Suitable for: 3 Years plus

TP are well renowned for their quality products and this water slide is no exception, the reviews speak for themselves. The slide measures 10 metres in length and is made from heavy duty silicone and has an extremely slippery surface for maximum sliding. The product comes with lawn anchors so that you can stop it sliding around and keeps it firmly in place. Add this product to the bottom of a slide or place on a slope to get maximum fun out it. If attaching to a slide, ensure that the steps have grip on them for wet feet!

INTEX Floating Hoop Game

Suitable for: 3 Years plus

If you already have a swimming pool or a paddling pool, this floating hoop game is great for a little family competition! It measures 67 x 55cm so not exactly on the small side and comes complete with a ball. This is a great value toy and also help younger children with their hand an eye coordination – especially as it floats! Parents will find this ultra competitive! Just remember to let the children have a go!

Team Magnus Slip and Slide XXL with Dual Racer Lanes

Suitable for: 3 to 12 Year Olds

A 31ft long, 5ft wide, dual lane water slide with a splash pool at the end. This product is made from 0.22mm thick PVC material that will make it extremely durable but don’t worry, it also comes with a repair kit if something unfortunate happens. The slide connects to your garden hose which will then fill the central channel fill with water to cover the slide with water. If you don’t have a hose, simply cover with a bucket of soapy water for some super fast sliding. Having one of these in the back garden will make you one of the popular houses in the neighbourhood – especially if you have a good slope to put it on!

Bestway H20GO! Double Lane Water Slide, 5.5 m with built in sprinklers

Suitable for: 3 Years plus

This product is great if you have more than one child. With a 5.5m slide, children will be able to race down the slide which is kept wet with the built in sprinklers down to the bottom where there is a splash pool. There are other products in the range including a triple lane if you have the room – all are 5.5m long. Just add some washing up liquid to the product to get some serious sliding going on!

Water Toys for 5 Years Plus

2 Pack Set Super Water Blaster with Foam Handle

Suitable for: 6 Year up

This two piece water blaster kit really packs a punch. With no heavy back packs, tanks or tedious refills required, simply put the end of the gun into the water, pull back the handle to fill and then pull closed to fsquirt the water. This is a great accessory if you have a paddling pool in the garden as you will want to ensure that there is plenty of water on hand to refill them. When used by an adult, they have the capability to fire up to 28ft. Parents beware!

WoW Watersports 18-2200 Mega SlideA SUMMER MUST HAVE!

Suitable for: 5 Years plus

If you are looking for a premium water slide for the garden this summer, look no further. Compared to some of the others in the market, this really stands out and this is shown in the price (you are paying for quality). It is 25ft long by 6 ft wide and the beauty with this one is that you can add multiple slides together to make an incredibly long slide – up to 100ft!! Each of the slides come with two sleds for maximum sliding capabilities. What can be irritating with other models is that they have dry spots, because of the unique sprinkler system on this one, they guarantee that there will be no such thing – only maximum coverage. It also has 8 inch side buffers to ensure that the water and your children stay on the slide. And what is also amazing is that it comes with a one year guarantee to give you confidence in the product. If you are having a summer party this year, this is a must have!

Epoch Air Water Gun – 2 Pack

Suitable for: 6 Year plus

A great summer toy for all the family to enjoy. This product comes as a two pack and is really good value. With a handle at one end and a large foam area to hold onto, it makes it really easy to fill and squirt. At the end of the gun is also an adjustable valve so that it can be one jet or 5 – to help you with distance or a good soaking! Also has a good range of 9 Metres! A great way to cool down on a hot summers day!

We will continue to update this page with new and exciting products that come onto the market.

Parents Remember:

If children are playing with water in the garden, they must be supervised at all times. Water can be extremely dangerous, even if it only a couple of cm deep.