There’s not much better for the soul than spending the day at the beach. One of our personal favourites to visit is West Wittering in West Sussex. This beach is one of the most beautiful where if you catch the tides wight, you can have a lovely walk from the West to the East and back again.

As with any beach you are going to visit, the best time of day to go is earl in the morning, around 08:00 and then when it gets too busy, you can simply pack your things up and go. If you have little ones, this is great as you can be back on the road in time for their all important nap and you still have the afternoon to do another activity.

Getting there early, also means that you get get your beach essentials ready and take up as much space as you need. Not to mention that you get the pick of the best spots on the beach. In our opinion, there are a few essentials that are needed for a great beach day out.

The all important beach tent

Whether you have little ones or not, the beach tent is a great way of having your own personal space on the beach. These are great for getting changed and a place that you can (almost) keep sand free. If you are there during the hottest part of the day, it is a superb place for the little ones to have lunch too – give them an important break from the mid-day sun.

One of the beach tents that stands out for us is the Qeedo Quick Pop Up Beach Tent. This tent boasts a 10 second put up time, UV protection up to factor 80, a valuables shelf in the roof and two doors. These are great features compared to some of the other models on the market and it comes highly recommended on Amazon reviews. The tent also has small sand bags attached to it so that it doesn’t blow around in the sea breeze. You can purchase this item from Amazon


The baby beach tent

This tent is just genius. For those with young families, you will understand that having children of different ages requires different entertainment. Whilst the older children might enjoy going into the sea on body boards and generally just running around the beach, babies will tend to stay around the base camp. This great tent allows baby to also have their own pool whilst also staying safe under a UV 50 protective tent.The other beauty of this tent is that you can literally put it up in seconds and then secure it with only 4 pegs. Not only for the beach, this tent can also be used in your own back garden and it a great way to keep baby cool and out of the sun. Once finished, the tent simply folds up into its own carry case. You can purchase this tent from Amazon by clicking here


The beach kite

Another quintessential accessory for the beach is the beach kite! This will provide you with hours of fun and with the coast normally being windier than in land, you can almost guarantee that you will be able to use it. There are many kites out of the market, but don’t be caught short by having to buy one near the beach. You will most often have to pay a premium for something that isn’t as good in quality.

This is one of the best selling kites on Amazon with great reviews. If you are new to flying kites, you may find it useful to read this guide on flying your kite. Even take it out for some practise runs on a local hill beforehand – you wouldn’t want to cause any one any harm by crashing it into someone.

Once mastered, this can be a great activity to do with the kids and even upgrade to something a little more ‘sporty’!


The Frisbee

As much fun for kids as well as adults. This will give you one of the best games of catch that you could ever have. It is an all time family favourite and is not only for the beach but great in local parks too. In our opinion, there is one frisbee that stands out from all of the rest – the  Aerobie. This frisbee holds the Guinness world record for a distance of 406M.
The ring comes in two sizes, a 13 Inch or a 10 Inch model. It also comes with a soft rubber edge as you will be catching the ring travelling at some speed! To see the manufacturers demonstration of this ring ring in action, watch this video

Recommended for those over 12 and one other important thing to note is that this does not float!

Be the envy of the beach and get yours from Amazon  

And remember, however you want to spend your Beach Day – ALWAYS wear sun block!