There is no doubt about it that a swimming pool in the summer is just amazing fun! When you just cannot escape the heat, having a dunk in some water just takes the edge off. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen too often in Britain but we have been known to have some really hot summers and sometimes for weeks on end.

However, some of our gardens are just not big enough for an unground pool and they come at a vast expense both to install and maintain. Instead, overground pools can serve just as good a purpose and for a fraction of the price

What to think about when choosing your pool


Safety is one of the most important things to think about when choosing a pool for your garden, no matter how big or small. The garden is a place where children play and any kind of swimming pool look tempting to play with, even if not for swimming. Accidents do happen and whilst we are not trying to put you off having a swimming pool in the garden, according to nearly 1,000 children die each year from drowning. It is the second cause of accidental death for people aged between 5 and 24.

There are many ways that you can prevent accidents from happening in your own swimming pool and most of them are simple common sense.

Floatation Devices: Whilst it may sound overkill, having floatation devices near the pool will certainly help in the event of an emergency, especially if the person who is assisting is unable to go into the water for whatever reason (such as age). Make sure that whatever device you are using is suitable and comes with the safety ratings.

Fences: Fences, whilst expensive, are the most effective way of protecting your pool but they are great at keeping animals and children out of the area. It need not be a high fence but one that is big enough to attach a gate to. If those that you are trying to keep out of the area are able to open the gate, think about keeping a lock on it for the extra security and safety.

Pool Covers: Pool covers can assist with safety but they can also be extremely dangerous if someone were to climb on it! Make sure that it is secure and children are aware not to go near the pool if there are no adults around.

However, no matter what safety devices you have in place ALWAYS ensure that children are supervised when playing in or around water.

Paddling and Swimming Pools for the Summer:

Bestway Round Frame Swimming Pool with Filter Pump – 30 Inch Deep, 12 ft

Size: 6,473 Litres

This is a large pool that has the capability of holding 6,473 when 90% full. It’s big enough for the whole family and also comes with a water pump to help keep the water clean as it is designed to stay up in the garden throughout the summer.

Intex 28270 Rectangular Pool 220 x 150 x 60 cm

Size: 1,662 Litres

Whilst this pool doesn’t have a pump, for its size, it is great value. When filled, it holds 1,662 litres of water. This is great as a family pool that can be put up during hot spells to help the family keep cool.

Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool 

Size: 886 Litres

This swimming pool is super easy to set up and is suitable for younger children. When filled, it will hold 886 litres of water and only stands 51cm high. It also has a drainage plug so that it can easily be put away when the weather cools down again. This pool is also GREAT VALUE

Intex 28202UK 10ft x 30in Metal Frame Swimming Pool with Filter Pump

Size 4,500 Litres

The Intex 28202 pool is certainly one for the older families. When filled, this pool will take around 4,500 litres of water. It comes complete with a filter pump to help keep the water clean to save you having to refill it every time that it gets dirty. It is a great size and will keep the family entertained for hours! Not to mention cool!

Intex 12Ft X 30In Prism Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Size 6,500 Litres

Whilst this pool does not come with a pump, it is huge! And also great value! A pump can be used separately and if you are planing on keeping it up for the duration of the summer period, it would be well worth investing in a pump. To fill this, you are going to need to put in 6,500 litres. This really will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

Bestway Deluxe Rectangular Inflatable Paddling Pool, Blue, 10 ft

Size: 1,600 Litres

The bestway deluxe is great for the younger family. The pool itself take 1,600 litres but is only 56cm high despite being 10ft long. This makes it a great paddling pool for a quick afternoon dip!

Sable Rectangular Inflatable Family Paddling Swimming 

Size: 1,100 Litres

Another great family paddling pool that will hold 1,100 litres. With three inflatable rings around the edge, it is extremely sturdy, made from strong materials and great for younger children to climb in and out of.

Bestway 8ft x 26in Fast Set Swimming Pool

Size: 2,300 Litres

If you have a smaller garden and are looking for a place to have a dip, this 8ft pool will be perfect. Despite it being only 8ft in diameter, it still holds 2,300 litres. Being 26inches high, it also makes it great for adults to have a dip too!

Acevery Inflatable Beach Balls

If you are looking for some accessories to go with your swimming pool, these inflatable beach balls will be just perfect. They come in a pack of three and are 24″ in size.

Universal Tap Connector Adapter Mixer Kitchen 

For those of us fortunate enough to have an outside tap, we will be able to fill our pools quite easily. However, this isn’t always the case. This adapter is extremely affordable and will enable you to fill the pool from the kitchen tap. Also, if you are a little impatient in waiting for the pool to heat up, you could always attach it to your hot tap to give the pool a bit of a kick start to warmer temperatures.

Remember: Stay safe and if you are looking for some extra entertainment check out our guide to outdoor water toys this summer.

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