When it comes to lawns, who doesn’t like to walk out of the door and see a lovely green lawn that feels like a carpet to walk on? It is also the time of year when friends come to visit and garden parties are in their plenty. None of us want to showcase a hayfield!

Even with the summer heat, there are some simple steps that we can all adopt to get a nice green lawn. All too often, you see people tending to their lawns in ways that will simply turn it into a hay field. If you are an avid gardener, it really is the finishing touch to what makes a garden look really really good.


There is no doubt about it that if you are going to water your lawn, the best time to do it is in the morning. By watering in the morning, it will allow your grass to absorb the water, go through its cycle of photosynthesis and ultimately grow. Whilst you may be tempted to water the grass on a hot sunny day, there really is little point as it will essentially evaporate and not only waste water, but won’t penetrate into the ground at all. Also, watering at night time, won’t bring you much benefit either as it will create a damp environment for the grass and will promote disease. For those that are busy working, watering during the morning, isn’t always ideal. Consider investing in a water timer┬áso that you make the most of the water that you are using.

Electronic Water Timer

This affordable digital timer is one of the affordable ones on the market that boasts a large digital display for easy programming. With an extremely competitive battery life, it lasts around 86,400 on off cycles on just one battery. With multiple settings, including rain delay, it also allows you to set timing functions from 1 – 360 minutes per cycle. This is the perfect addition for those looking to automate their watering.


2Mowing Height:

During spring, the grass is busiest. Quite often you will find that you could quite easily cut the lawn twice a week. Generally speaking, if you think that you could cut it twice a week, you probably should be. One of the important things to remember when cutting grass is the one third rule. If you find yourself cutting more than a third off of the lawn, you are most certainly cutting too much. Whilst in spring, the grass will quite often recover from such trauma, during the summer months, it most certainly won’t. But don’t panic if your lawn is still too long after cutting off a third. Just cut it a little more often over a longer period of time so that you don’t cause any trauma.

However, during the summer months, if you want to maintain the green grass that you see during the spring, you will certainly need to leave the grass a little longer and not cut it so close. This is because the longer the grass is, the more moisture that it is able to retain and the more protection it is able to offer to its roots. Whilst it might not look as appealing to have longer grass, it will help improve your chances of maintaining a green lawn you can be proud of.

It is probably also worth mentioning that the maintenance of your mower also plays an important part in this too. The sharper the blades on your mower, the better it is going to be for the grass.

3Feeding for a green lawn

If there are endless days of sunshine, feeding the lawn might become difficult as it will take hours to water it in. Although, if you get some some rain, this can prove a great way to ensure that your lawn is drought proof and able to withstand some of the hottest weather. Personally, we use EverGreen Complete 4-in-1, which, if applied in the right conditions and watered in to the correct amount, will almost guarantee a lawn that looks perfect. With this particular weed and feed, delivering it with a spreader, will make sure that the right amount of feed is applied to the lawn. From past experience, this has remained effective for up to six weeks. However, if you feel obliged to feed during the hot weather, ensure that you water in effectively. This is best completed in the morning so that it doesn’t burn the grass.

Please comment below if you have any other tips you would like to share.