15 MUST Have Games to Play as a Family

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We are always on the lookout for fun family games. After all, at any family gathering, playing games in the living room is quite often a highlight. From personal experience, games most often come out over the Christmas holidays as it is a great way to get everyone together in one room – normally around the fire!

Depending on the size of the group, this will very much depend on what type of game that you are going to want to play. Some board games in a large family setting might not be overly practical. However, playing a game of charades will most certainly tick the box.

Personally, I do love a great game of charades, it always brings quite a bit of comedy (and humility to our nearest and dearest). Although if you are looking for something in-between a board game and charades, Articulate will certainly be the game of choice! In our family, this game always gets extremely competitive and we choose our team mates very carefully! A good dose of general knowledge will almost certainly make the winning team!

We’ve also added in some dipstick games as they too are becoming quite popular in the family setting as they take up very little room and can be played pretty much anywhere – always a good one to take to a relatives house to offer something alternative to play.


The Logo Game


Suitable for: Those aged 12+ (and can recognise a few logos!)

Number of players: 2 – 6

How do you play? This is a great game for families that can either be enjoyed playing as individuals or in teams if you go over the number of 6. The game is played by moving around the board and then answering the question relating to colour that you are currently on. The questions are generally based around brands and advertising, spanning a good few decades – you will want to mix the ages of the teams up. You will be surprised at just how much those marketers really do get into your brain! Great fun for the family!

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Suitable for: Players aged 12+

Number of players: 4 to 20+

How do you play? This game really is a family favourite for many and should be a staple in any games stash that a family has. It never fails to impress. For those not familiar with Articulate, the aim of the game is to race around the board landing on different colours. Each of the colours dictates which category you will need to describe on the cards – of course some of them are easier than others. You will then have 30 seconds to describe what you see on the cards to your team for them to guess the correct answer. This really is a great load of fun for the family and you will soon discover who you will want to have on your team for the next round!

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Charades for Kids

Suitable for: 4 Years +

Number of players: 3 or more players

How do you play? A classic game of charades but designed for children. This will be equally as fun for parents as you get to watch your little ones act out the objects and actions. As well as these cards, there are also 50 picture cards that the younger children can also act out. As each player correctly guesses what the others are acting, they get to keep the card. The one with the most cards wins. Great fun to play as a family where the children can be the centre of attention.

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Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition

Suitable for: 16 Years +

Number of players: 2 – 6 Players

How do you play? This is the classic game of trivial pursuit, the game that started it all. With a classic look and feel of a 1980’s retro appearance, this family game contains 2,400 questions spanning 6 categories; entertainment, geography, history, art & literature, science & nature and sports & leisure. The aim of the game is to answer the questions correctly, from where you land on the roll of the dice to earn all of the widgets. It then becomes a race to the centre to get the final answer right. This game really is highly competetive and will almost certainly keep the adults entertained in the evening.

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The Pretender

Suitable for: 12 Years +

Number of players: 4 – 6 Players

How do you play? This is a great game for a bit of family humility. Each of the players are given a card but one of them will be The Pretender and will not have the detail that the other players have. Taking it in turns, you will perform mini charades – here is where it gets clever. Even the players with the correct cards need to be vague so that the player without doesn’t guess what it is that they are meant to be pretending. However, if you are too vague, you are at risk of the others thinking that you are in fact the pretender. Good acting skills required along with a bit of a poker face!

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SUSSED Lifeology

Suitable for: Ages 10+

Number of players: 2 – 10 Players

What’s it about? This game is all about what you know about the other players. Each of the players will pick up a card and it will have a number of statements on it with 3 options for each. You read all three aloud and whoever gets the right answer, wins the points. The one the most points wins. A great family game where the answers may sometimes surprise you!

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Don’t Say It

Suitable for: Ages 6+

Number of players: 2+ Players

What’s it about? Whilst this is a game, it is great at extending children’s vocabulary as they will need to think of other words to say. On each of the cards, there is a word that the team will need to say. However, there are also some words that you cannot say to describe that object. You will need to think outside of the box. With 200 words in the pack, this will provide hours of fun with the family and can played in teams.

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Monopoly Classic Game

Suitable for: 8 Years +

Number of players: 2 – 6 Players

What’s it about? You cannot beat a good game of monopoly. This is the classic London version that we all know and love. I know many a family that end in a feud after playing a round of this – normally because the children are the bankers and the parents are too competitive. A great family game to be enjoyed for years!

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Suitable for: 7+ Years

Number of players: Best played in teams

What’s it about? You really cannot beat charades when it comes to a good family game. And we just love the way that these games are presented. Incredibly well packed and with 160 charades in each pack. Simplicity rules here; choose a stick, act it out and the first person to guess correctly wins and gets the pot! A great after dinner game to prevent you from falling asleep!

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Talking Tables DIPSTICKS Dares & Laughs

Suitable for: 7 + years

Number of players: Best in a group

What’s it about? Another simple dip in and do it type game. This one consists of 50 joke cards and 50 dare cards (to make you do something silly). Simply pass the pot along to the next person playing the game. Good for all ages.

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Talking Tables DIPSTICKS Lucky DIP

Suitable for: 7 + Years

Number of players: Best in a group

What’s it about? If you like the idea of the two games above but can’t decide which one to choose, this one contains a mixture of them all. With dares, jokes, charades, singing and names, this will give the family a whole host of fun with a total of 160 sticks! You will not be disappointed and can be played again and again.

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Hasbro Gaming Classic Jenga Game

Suitable for: 6 Years +

Number of players: One of more players

What’s it about? Well who doesn’t know Jenga? It would be rude not to put this one in our list of favourite games. For those that are unfamiliar, you simply build a tower of the wooden blocks that are all ever so slightly different in size. Then one by one, you remove the blocks – trying not to knock over the tower. This game requires a steady hand and a bit of patience. What’s great is that you can start playing it and then come back to it later. Every family should have it!

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Big Potato Colourbrain

Suitable for: Ages 14 +

Number of players: 2 – 20 Players

What’s it about? Needless to say, this game is all about colours and a bit of knowledge. Each team holds 11 family cards and has to correctly guess the colour relating to the clue cards that are put in front of them. Some of them have one colour and some of them have two. The game comes with over 300 question cards covering a wide range of subjects. A really simple game to play that the family will really enjoy.

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Suitable for: 14 Years +

Number of players: 3 – 20 Players

What’s it about? This is a game all about lists. There are two teams and the game host himself (yes, you have to wear a moustache). The host will read out a question (Name the flavours of Walkers Crisps) and then go to each team three times. If the teams guess correctly on each turn, they win a point for each correct guess. There is then the bonus question (quite difficult – How many packets do they make a day?) The team with the closest answer, wins the point. Beware, this game will get quite competitive.

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Big Potato Weird Things Humans Search For

Suitable for: 14 Years +

Number of players: 3 + Players

What’s it about? Who would have thought that there would be a game about search engines? Well…here it is! People do search for strange things and you are going to need to put yourself in their shoes. Each round, you will hear the first part of a search e.g Did Dinosaurs…. you then need to guess what the rest of the search is. The highest ranking guesses (in search engine terms), will of course get the most points. You will definitely want to mix the family up if you are playing in a big group! Tech savvy family members may have an advantage!

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We’d love to know what games you like to play as a family. Leave a comment below.