Great Meals for Turkey Leftovers

Let’s all be honest here, we all over compensate on the size of the turkey for the holiday period and end up with some turkey leftovers. I don’t know one family that has bought a turkey that has perfectly fed their guests and family with little leftover.

Well, all is not lost! That big bird that you spent ages cooking, that you have now put into your fridge, can still create some magnificent meals from a wide range of cuisines. And more importantly, ones that won’t be leaving you feeling bored of a bit of turkey.

Croque Madame

by Half Baked Harvest

By Half Baked Harvest

Starting off our roundup of turkey dishes, this wonderful recipe by Half Baked Harvest will certainly impress your guests if they are staying over past Christmas Day.

This Croque Madame sandwich really is the best and has so many flavours as well as an impeccable presentation. It is a relatively simple dish to cook with a total of 20 minutes including prep time which is perfect if you have spent the previous day slaving over a stove.

Believe us, this will not let you down!

Leftover Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

by Earth, Food and Fire

By Earth, Food and Fire

This recipe is a little longer with 1 hours worth of cooking and prep but it will not leave you disappointed. Whilst it is a soup, it is a heart and healthy soup – probably something most of us could do with after a couple of days celebrating.

Cooked with wild rice (which takes a little longer than standard rice), allows the soup to simmer and develop some mouth watering flavours. A great soup to serve with some lovely hot crusty bread. Whilst it is a little bit of extra work, this recipe also makes use of the carcass but it is so worth it for the extra flavour!

You’ll wonder how leftover turkey can test so good.

One Pot Leftover Turkey Pilaf with Pine Nuts

by The Cook Report

By The Cook Report

For those that have had a ‘mental’ Christmas and you feel that all you have done is cook, wash dishes, *repeat*, you will be glad to know that this is a one pot recipe that won’t have you slaving over a stove for hours. This dish is great to serve up for the masses and will certainly satisfy those post Christmas hunger spots!

With only a total of 30 minutes from prep to serving, this dish will certainly not disappoint!

Leftover Turkey Instant Pot Ramen

By Went Here 8 This

By Went Here 8 This

Following a good feast over the festive period, this turkey ramen is certainly a healthy follow up. And more to the point it only takes 30 minutes to cook it up!

A great instant pot meal that is full of flavour and won’t leave you feeling bloated after your festive dinner. Wonderfully presented and will be appreciated by everyone.

Turkey Eggs Benedict

By The Endless Meal

By The Endless Meal

If you are looking for a breakfast to use up those leftover turkey bits then look no further than this wonderful eggs Benedict recipe from The Endless Meal. This really is a treat and will set you up for the day! It is extremely easy to cook and won’t take you longer than 20 minutes, so ideal if you just want to get breakfast out of the way and focus on the day!

This recipe will bring you a whole new taste to the meal that you had the previous day!

Thai Turkey Soup

By Salt & Lavender

By Salt & Lavender

Turkey soup is certainly a hit when it comes to using up the leftovers! However, this one comes with a delicate Thai twist that you will not be able to resist. The beauty with this recipe is that you can make it to how you want it to taste in terms of spice – either a delicate taste or one that will really give you a bit of a kick.

It’s another quick meal that will only take you 30 minutes including prep time. The other beauty with this recipe is that it can also be made with chicken.

Butter Turkey Curry

By The Endless Meal

By The Endless Meal

For curry lovers, this this recipe really will cut the mustard if you are looking for a flavour full packed recipe to enjoy those turkey leftovers with.

This is a super easy recipe that will only take you 35 minutes from start to finish and will fill the home with some gorgeous aromas!

Crock Pot Leftover Turkey Bolognese

By The Endless Meal

By The Endless Meal

All Bolognese dishes should be rich and full of flavour! This one is no different. The Endless Meal really have produced here with this turkey bolognese that is suited for all the family.

What we also love about this recipe is that it is made in the crock pot. Yes, that means you won’t have to be confined to the kitchen. Once you have your prep complete, it is either a 4 or 8 hour cooking time dependant on the heat you choose. Wonderful if you want to leave something cooking whilst you go on a nice long walk with the family.

Easy Leftover Turkey Soup

By Salt & Lavender

By Salt & Lavender

Another great leftover turkey soup given to us by Salt & Lavender. This one is packed full of flavours and vegetables and can be cooked in only 35 minutes including prep time.

A very easy dish that will not leave you disappointed.