6 Potty Training Books for Toddlers

All parents have been there. To some it just comes naturally and to others a little guidance is required. We have scoured the shelves and list some of the books that are set to help you on your way.

At some point during our children’s early years, all parents will have some involvement in potty training. However, as many parents will discover, will-power alone will not solve the problem. Sometimes you need a little bit of help, or indeed encouragement, to get your little ones over the finish line. That said, some won’t need any encouraging at all – it all comes naturally! Lucky you!

For those that do need a little encouragement, we’ve picked what we believe to be some of the best books out there today. These can be a great, subtle way of introducing your potty one stage at a time.

Here goes:


1On My Potty

This is one of the popular books on Amazon written by Leslie Patriecelli who is an author/illustrator of several children’s books out there. Leslie has a cunning ability to illustrate in the most effective ways. With bright colours and simple illustrations that will really appeal to a toddler, this book really brings potty training to life.

There is also an amount of humour present in this one that will have both toddler and parent laughing. Certainly one that the kids will want to read again and again.

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2I Want My Potty!!

Illustrated and written by Tony Ross, this is the story of the little princess who didn’t want to use the potty. This was first published in 1986 but still remains a family favourite that you might remember from your early days. One part that normally gets the kids laughing is when little princess is playing tricks on the potty or perhaps when the potty plays tricks on her! A great light hearted book to promote the concept of potty training.

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3Lulu’s Loo

More for the girls this…Lulu’s Loo is a book about the entire journey of potty training – potty to loo. Not withstanding a few accidents along the way – yes, they happen in real life too. With Lulu first getting the potty as a present and then using it all around the house, the story ends with Lulu being completely dry and using the big loo.

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4Pirate Pete’s Potty Book

Pirate Pete’s potty journey is one for the boys. The book is interactive with a button on the front that cheers when pressed. This encouragement can be taken outside of the book when good things happen on the potty. Designed for children over 18 months of age it shows that even pirates can feel anxious about using the potty.

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5Princess Polly’s Potty Book

This book is the girls version of the Pirate Pete book. Using the same concept with the button on the front, you can interact with your little one when they accomplish something – just as they do in the book. This will leave them feeling proud of their amazing achievement.

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6All Aboard the Toilet Train


I like this book, mainly because it has the Bing character off the television. This takes it a stage further than potties and could be used in conjunction with any of the top three books on this post. This book is all about getting your little one confident with using the big loo and when they do, there is a cheer button on the front to let them know that they have done well.

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What ever book you choose, there is no easy way. Sometimes it just takes your little one to see someone else doing it and thinking, “I can do that too”. However, there is no harm in planting the seed with some fun around the house to get them familiar with the concept.

Happy potty training!