5 Great Wooden Toys For Toddlers

Great wooden toys, tried and tested.

There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing my son having some imaginary play with some wooden toys. We started buying him wooden toys when he was a baby as you just can’t help having some classics around the house. Even when he goes to visit his Grandparents, out come the wooden toys that we played with as kids and he loves them. Of course the toys get more sophisticated as they get older but the toddler toys are just great for getting their minds going. These are some of the toys that we have and they are just great, not to mention that they last forever.

1. Wooden Fruit Set

One of the first toys that we bought was the wooden fruit set Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set to complement a nice wooden play kitchen that we had bought him at Christmas.

This really is quite neat as the pieces of fruit are held together with velcro, making it really fun to cut them with the wood play knife that comes in the set. Noah is fortunate enough to have a really crazy auntie who made a heeeeyaaaaa noise when cutting the fruit – had him in stitches. We now quite often get fruit to try, delivered fresh straight from the play kitchen!


2. Wooden Car Transporter

This one was a Daddy purchase – couldn’t resist! We’d recently managed to acquire a ton of Brio train track and he is in love with it! One day we were in town and popped into the local toy shop to see if there were any treats I could get him. Without any hesitate he shrieked “lorry” and ran over to a wooden lorry with 4 cars on the back. The size of which is compatible with Brio. He loved it. Whilst slightly over the budget intended, it’s a toy that regular comes out of the cupboard to play with.

This toy really makes a great edition to any toy cupboard and provides hours and hours of imaginative play.

3. Mini Wooden Barn

Now this Fold & Go Mini Wooden Barn really is a show stopper! Noah loves it! It was given to him by his Grandparents as a Christmas present and it has provided hours and hours of entertainment. It comes with a selection of animals and a small pen to put the animals in. It’s been great watching him line them up and then tell off the animals, normally the dog, for not being in the pen. Like all of the Melissa & Doug range, this is really well made and has taken many ‘bangs’ and ‘knocks’. Inside the barn there are a few storage compartments where the animals live and sleep.

4. Wooden Lacing Beads

This Melissa & Doug Wooden Lacing Beads set is a lovely addition to the toy box. Especially at the early ages of trying to develop their motor skills. The beauty about this set is that it contains a number of different size and shaped beads, each of them needing their own skills to thread.
The set comes with a few laces and is presented in a nice wooden box to store away at the end of the day. Keeping all those small bits in the same place! Requires a high level of concentration but a very rewarding experience for the little one. 


5. Counting Shape Stacker

Starting to learn to count is a wonderful experience for any parent. Getting above 3 is an amazing accomplishment. This Counting Shape Stacker is a great way of mixing up shapes, colours and numbers to provide your child with a great counting experience. As the numbers on the front of the block are also coloured it also teaches matching skills too. Each of the numbers has the same number of shapes to help the counting experience. 

A Real Treat! 

Instead of toys being all over the floor, why not look at getting play table? This Melissa & Doug Play Table is a stunning example, finished as you would expect from Melissa & Doug. Not only can your child play with all of the toys above, this is great for train sets, play cooking and cars. If you have the space to accommodate one of these, you will not regret it. 

It by no means an exhaustive list and I review some more shortly. These toys make great Christmas presents for young ones and they really are a gift that keeps on giving and don’t break the bank. Who knows, perhaps one day your little one may one day see a loved one of their’s playing with the very same toys.

If you want any further information, please do leave a comment below.