10 Must Have Brio Trains

Brio trains are an iconic children's toy. With a vast variety of track and buildings available, there are endless possibilities on what you can create in terms of imaginative play. Here, we look at some must have Brio trains to add to your collection.

Brio… not much further introduction is necessary. Here we look at the 10 must have brio trains for any child’s toy collection. There is so much imaginative play that can children can have with Brio, it really is incredible. And whether you have enough to make a small track or an entire village, it will still bring you hours of fun. Not to mention the competitive element between parents over who can make the coolest track – I probably have to say I would lose that one!

Over the past few years, Brio have introduced many new trains to the collection and have introduced some electric trains too. You have the traditional battery powered trains but there are also trains that you can charge via USB (perfect for those that don’t like buying batteries). And if you really want to go technical, there is a remote controlled train too!

Here are 10 trains that would look good on any track!

The Mighty Red Action Locomotive is one of the strongest engines on the Brio track. You will be amazed at just how many carriages this train can pull! This brilliant little train also has lights on the front when going full steam ahead (controlled by the three little buttons on the top – Forward, stop and reverse). There are also some great sound effects too, that are activated upon the choice of direction (don’t worry, they turn off after around 10 seconds).


This one was the very first Brio train that we bought! In fact, it is what got us into the whole Brio ‘thing’. This is one of the smallest battery powered trains that Brio make and is operated by a simple switch on the top of the cab. Whilst not as powerful as the ‘big’ engine, it can quite comfortably take a few carriages around the track without a problem. A great first engine for a budding Brio fan.

The Travel Train is great for when you want to really start introducing imaginative play. To begin with, I don’t think our son grasped the concept of passengers but now little Brio people travel all over the place and get their tickets from the Brio station!

The Farm Train set comes as three units. There is one engine, two cattle carriages and two Brio cows. Each of the cattle carriages also have fold down sides so that the cows can get on and off easily as they are transported around the farm. Who knows, you might even see the cows at the train station!

Old steam engine is a classic push train. With pistons attached to the wheels, it is a great example to show how trains used to operate way back when.


The speedy bullet train is certainly the big brother to the old steam engine above. A bit like what Gordon is to Thomas.

Similar to the farm train, say hello to the safari train. This is a three piece set with one engine and two carriages. The carriages have sliding roofs – just incase the giraffe or zebra need a little fresh air.

The action train! This is for all of the budding Brio builders out there. This three piece set comes with a battery powered engine which is similar to the second engine that we have featured here. You also get two carriages – one for coal and one cement mixer. 

If you were keen to carry on with the transport theme on your Brio track, this is a perfect addition – especially with some tunnels. This metro train is battery powered and has two carriages. It also comes with one Brio person to add to the collection. 

And I have saved the best till last here. This truly takes Brio trains to a whole new level. Yes, it is remote controlled! On the remote itself, you can control the lights, sound effects of the train and move the lever to make it go forward and backwards. You also have a backup with controls on the top of the train for the movement. For those that are Brio fanatics, this is certainly one to have in the collection!

There they are, 10 trains that belong in any Brio collection.

Look out for more Brio posts soon.